Artist Review: SuperShieldz matte screen protector for drawing

Not a sponsored review

SuperShieldz is one of the more affordable screen protectors in the market. The company sells glossy and matte screen protectors in various sizes for phones and tablets. The pack that I bought on Amazon just cost USD 8.99 for three pieces. The nice thing about having three pieces is if you mess up your first installation, there are two more tries.

The package only includes one micro-fiber cleaning cloth besides the screen protector. For better success rate at installation, it's best to have sticky tape and a card too. Just search for screen protector installation videos on Youtube before you install one.

On the left is the M4 iPad Pro with matte screen protector applied. I've reduced the brightness to match the glossy LCD of the M2 iPad Pro.

It's not obvious in the small photo above but the image quality is affected by the matte screen protector.

The texture on the SuperShieldz screen protector is the rougher type so it provides a nice tactile drawing experience.

The compromise is the rougher texture will add more colour noise or grain to affect the image quality. Text will be slightly softer around the edges but overall still quite sharp.

Under bright outdoor conditions, the matte surface will diffuse reflections until the display is almost white and glaring. Since I use my tablet outdoors often, the bright diffused reflection is too bright and glaring for my eyes, and that's why I no longer use matte screen protectors. I find the anti-reflective coating on the iPad Pro to be quite effective, and I use a 2B silicone pen tip that cost USD 2 instead. The silicone pen tip does provide more control on the glass, but there's no tactile drawing experience.

If you use the tablet mostly indoors, then the bright diffused reflection is not going to be an issue.

Another nice thing about SuperShieldz is, because it is so affordable, you can just remove the matte screen protector if you don't like it and you won't have wasted too much money.

Here's the overall rating:

  • Colour noise: High
  • Tactile experience: High
  • Reflectivity: Non-reflective diffusion, matte
  • Glare under bright lighting: High

Pros and cons at a glance
+ Affordable
+ Three pieces of screen protector included
+ Provides tactile drawing experience
- Lack of installation tools
- Noticeable colour noise or grain
- Diffused reflection can be glaring in bright lighting environment


You can find SuperShieldz screen protectors on Amazon (US | CA | UK | DE | FR | ES | IT | JP

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