Book Review: Madrid: Acuarelas De Viaje by Fernando Blasco

I only got to know of this book through a recommendation from a reader, so thank you whoever you are.

Madrid: Acuarelas De Viaje is a beautiful watercolour sketchbook with illustrations from Fernando Blasco and text from Pepo Paz Saz. The format of this sketchbook is very similar to the watercolour sketchbooks from Graham Byfield and Fabrice Moireau. It's a large format hardcover with 96 pages.

The sketches by Fernando Blasco were drawn with pencils and painted with watercolour. His style has a loose casual vibe that's just lovely. The watercolour sketches are so beautiful, the type that will make you fall in love with the medium if you don't paint. There's quite a lot of text but written in Spanish (probably). Even if you can't read, you can still enjoy the art.

Highly recommended for those who love sketchbooks, travelogues and watercolour.

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Lovely sketches!

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