Expressive Pages: Journaling the Everyday with Judith Cassel-Mamet

Expressive Pages: Journaling the Everyday is among of the most fun Craftsy courses I've featured. This course should appeal to those who like mixed media, urban sketching or anyone who wants to dabble in art.

Course instructor Judith Cassel-Mamet Denver-based artist with a background in fine art who's also the author of Joyful Pages: Adventures in Art Journaling. She has been teaching art and travel journalling classes for more than 10 years.

This course on journalling is packed with lots of fun activities and interesting ideas. It's a very hands-on course that really wants you to have fun.

There are lessons that involve creating art using non-traditional media, such as coffee, wine. You can also learn about using typography to create decorative art, patterns or backgrounds. Judith also invites you to pick up whatever you can see outdoors and use them on your pages. It can be a feature, leaves, name cards, brochure or a map from a hotel.

There are also really cool ideas on how you can use those Japanese Washi tapes to decorate or frame pages, creating folded pockets in your journal, or attach a keychain of interesting objects you may collect from your trips.

The result is a journal that's filled with lots of visual creativity that also has a very physical tactile feel. The lessons are easy to follow along so anyone can enjoy them. This is a course I can highly recommend.

Expressive Pages: Journaling the Everyday is available for sale on Craftsy. You can check out more reviews there, as well as the description of all the lessons.

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Hi fiends,
I ´ve bought few months ago a course Expressive Pages: Journaling the Everyday with Judithr Cassel-Mamet. I haven´t gone through all course yet because I have been finishing one project at my work and I had no time for the course. Is it possible to get into this course now?
Thank you very much for your answer.
Katerina Filla Veneckova
Prague, Czech republic

@Kateřina Filla
You have access to the course after you have bought it and can access it anytime.

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