Review: BENU Fountain Pen (Silver Galaxy)

This is the Silver Galaxy fountain pen from the Essence Collection by BENU.

This BENU Fountain Pen comes packaged in a dark gray box with 'BENU' imprinted in silver on its shimmery surface.

You will find the Silver Galaxy pen beautifully wrapped in brown wrapping paper and tied with a bow-style string within the box. The word 'BENU' is nicely imprinted in bold gray throughout the wrapping paper. Also, the pen is cushioned by a layer of shredded paper beneath.

The wrapping paper unfolds to reveal an introduction of the pen and a short set of instructions on product care.

The Silver Galaxy Pen takes on an ergonomic shape in the form of a torpedo, and is skillfully handmade from high quality precious resin. It is 13.5cm (or 5.3 inches) long with its cap on, and is rather lightweight - weighing only 18g (or 0.6 ounces).

The pen cap is the screw-on type and does not come with a pen clip.

You will find glittery, crystalline inserts throughout the black glossy body of this stylish pen.

The pen cap

The tail end of the pen

On closer observation, you will find linear indents on the pen cap as well as on the tail end of the pen.

You can also find 'BENU' engraved on the rhodium plated brass ring of the pen cap.

The pen comes with a stainless steel Schmidt nib with a silvery finish. This Schmidt nib has a single slit with rounded tip and comes in sizes of 'F', 'M' and 'B' - for fine, medium and broad respectively. You may find the words 'Schmidt' and 'Iridium Point', as well as 'F', 'M' or 'B' engraved on the nib.

Unlike some of the other BENU pens (which I own), this Silver Galaxy pen does not come with an ink cartridge. Instead its ink reservoir is actually a refillable piston converter, which works via the mechanics of air pressure.

Writing experience

Ink flow is very consistent and good (no kinks at all), rendering it a pleasure to write/draw with the pen which produces uniform strokes. I had always made it a point to wipe my nibs before using them for the first time (to remove any chemical residue). But this time round, I tried using the nib at the outset without wiping. It worked well, to my pleasant surprise.

Below are some of my writing and drawing samples:

Picture A

Picture B

Picture C

The writings in Picture A and strokes in Picture B are created using the 'F' (Fine), 'M' (Medium) and 'B' (Broad) nibs respectively.

Picture C is a sketch of Garfield using the 'M' (Medium') nib and Noodler's Black Waterproof Fountain Pen Ink.

You may find out more about the other BENU pens I have in my collection here.


You can check out more details about the pen at…

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