Review: Benu Tropical Voyage pen (Euphoria series)

This pen is provided by Benu Pen for this review

Benu Pen will release a new collection of pens called the Euphoria series on 15 Oct 2020.

At the time of this review, there are 11 designs, among them three can glow in the dark. The pens I received are Tropical Voyage and Ocean Breeze (glow in the dark).

The Euphoria pens are big. They measure 14.9cm and weight 26g

They are even longer when the pen cap is posted. Weight distribution in this case will move slightly to the back but it's not too bad because the pen is relatively lightweight.

Price of the standard Euphoria pens is US $118, and for the glow in the dark pens, $128. International shipping, at time of this review, is a flat $15.

The pen has a stainless steel clip and features a 10-sided body.

The top is smooth and polished to a gloss.

That's the Benu logo on the black cap ring.

The lines continue from the cap to the body. Mine is slightly misaligned, maybe by half a millimetre.

Benu pens are known for their sparkly, flashy and attention grabbing design. So these pens are not for people who prefer discreet.

The blue in Tropical Voyage is a mixed of what seems like ultramarine and cerulean with the illusion of shimmer. The physical green parts looks like phthalo or emerald green colours and they reflect light from different angles.

The body is made of acrylic resin. Build quality is solid. The pen is quite comfortable to hold.

The pen is available with either rollerball point or fountain pen nibs (F, M, B).

The grip for the ballpoint is three sided while the the fountain pen is just cylindrical.

The rollerball refill used here is the Schneider Topball 850. The ink is not pigmented and hence not waterproof so don't apply water over it.

Rollerball is more convenient since you can replace the refills easily. But in the long run they are more expensive since you have to keep buying refills. These refills have limited range of colours.

I recommend going with the fountain pen nibs instead since you can use a huge variety of inks, pigmented or dyed based (lots of colours). Downside to fountain pens is, if you use pigmented inks, you have to clean them once in a while.

These are all the parts of the pen.

There's a little spring inside the body to provide some spring when you're writing.

Here's a sketch drawn with the ink.

This ink does not feature and the edges are solid. Ballpoint however have the tendency to produce ink blots though.

Rollerball points are fixed width so the thickness of the lines will always be consistent.


US $118 is quite a reasonable price for a fountain pen like this. It looks good to me, build quality is solid and writes well.

The design is definitely the selling point here. Whether you like the design will come down to personal preference of course. If you want a pen that looks very different, something catches your eye each time you use it, this is a pen you can consider.

You can check out more designs from Benu Pen's website at

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