Review: Bird of Paradise (Benu Fountain Pen)

This was sent over by Benu Pen for this review. Thanks!

The pen above is the Bird of Paradise, a rather appropriate name for its flashy, glittering appearance. I don't usually see fountain pens as flamboyant as this. Maybe because I don't really explore what else the fountain pen world has to offer.

Seems like all Benu fountain pens use the same simple cardboard packaging.

The body is made of durable resin that's supposed to be scratch-proof. The pen has a nice weight to it. At 18g, it's not too heavy or light. The glossy surface is good to hold in hand. The length is 13.5cm.

Highlight of Benu fountain pens is the flashy design. Some pens are really beautiful, and mesmerising.

This pen is a mix of blue, black, gold and green with texture and glitter. A pen that is likely to get heads turning and people asking about the pen.

The cap has no clip so the pen can roll around quite easily. Be careful when putting it flat on the table.

Design on the nib is quite simple.

The nib and feed can be removed easily. Just twist slightly and pull it out gently.

Benu has 3 series of pens, namely Minima, Essence and Supreme. Essence and Supreme comes with ink convertors.

The nib that I have is a Broad. It writes smoothly and the ink flow is good.

With strokes so thick, the contrast is very strong. I personally prefer medium nibs though. If you write with broad, you must really write big letters.

Broad nibs are good for filling shapes quickly.

When you turn the nib upside down, you can get extra thin lines which are good for hatching.


I've previously reviewed a couple of Ben fountain pens and the build quality is decent. They write well, ink flow is good.

Highlight of the pen is the design. There are many designs. Some are simpler and some more eye catching. If you want to get a fountain pen like this, I recommend getting the fancier ones rather than the simple looking ones.

That's all for this review, check out Benu Pen's website for more details and other colour options.

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