Review: Derwent Carry All Bag

This is the Derwent Carry All Bag, a convenient carrying bag designed for artists who use coloured pencils.

There's a small pocket on the front with velcro closing. There will be openings even after sticking the velcro together so small items are likely to fall out.

It's made of Khaki coloured canvas all around. The main compartment is zipped. A detachable shoulder strap is provided and it comes with a rubber pad.

The handle rest is sewn to one of the straps, and is closed by velcro.

Here's how it looks without the shoulder strap.

The bag uses metal ring bind to hold the three leaves that will be carrying the pencils. On each side there are slots enough to hold 22 coloured pencils. Each slot holds 2 pencils. With six sides, it can hold a total of 132.

Being able to hold 132 pencils mean you can fit in your entire coloured pencil sets from either Prismacolor, Faber Castell and of course Derwent. In particular, the 132-set of Prismacolor pencils will use up all the slots perfectly.

The slots closest to the ring binder will come in contact with pencils and may damage the body and beauty of your coloured pencils.

The leaves are hard enough so they can stand straight up inside the case.

Just behind the front cover is a meshed zipped pocket that's good for holding small items such as pens, erasers, eraser shield, watercolour box, cards and other stuff.

Since each slot can hold 2 pencils, it means they are wide enough to hold pens as well, even fountain pens. In the picture above, on the left is the Derwent canvas pencil case.

It can carry quite a lot of stuff.

This is the ring binder in use. It's no differ from those you see in file binders.

On the back cover, there's a rubber strap that you can use to hold one or two A5 size sketchbooks. It cannot fit in an A4 sized one.


It's a nicely designed and functional carrying case for coloured pencils and even pens. The interior is spacious and can carry a lot of stuff. It's a good case for artists on the go, great for outdoor drawing.


If you need to carry coloured pencils only, and not the other extra stuff, you can also check out the Global leather pencil cases that can fit up to 120.


Visit Amazon to check out more reviews. It also has many favourable reviews there.

The Derwent Carry All Bag is available at: | | | | |

It's also available on (UK) and Dick Blick Art Materials (US)

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