Review: Grand Scepter IX from BENU

Big thanks again to BENU Pen for sending over this fountain pen for review.

Under the Scepter series of fountain pens from BENU, there's also the Grand Scepter series.

The Scepter fountain pens use size #5 nibs and are priced at US $88. The Grand Scepter fountain pens use size #6 nibs, have glow-in-the-dark bodies, and are priced at US $110. Ink converters are sold separately for an extra US $5.

The Scepter and Grand Scepter fountain pens feature resin bodies with embedded shiny particles beneath the multi-faceted surface.

If you have decided to go with the Scepter, why not just spend $22 more to get the larger nib and glow-in-the-dark body?

There's no pen clip.

The multi-faceted design continues from the cap to the body of the pen.

This is a big pen. It measures 13.3cm when capped and weighs 24g. The pen's comfortable to hold.

The pen can be dismantled completely. Even the nib and feed can be removed from the holder. Just be careful to twist slightly, pull, and continue. That's because the fins beneath the feed are thin and if you pull hard, you can bend those fins.

Main selling point here is the glow-in-the-dark feature. The pen has to be under strong light in order to absorb enough energy for it to glow prominently in darkness. The glow fades faster than I expected but it certainly looks cool with the glow.

You can find this pen on BENU's online store.

If you're interested in this pen, check out the other BENU pens that I've featured at

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