Review: Island Breeze from Briolette collection (BENU fountain pen)

Special thanks to BENU for once again sending me fountain pens to feature on my blog. It has been a while since I featured any new pens.

This new pen is called Island Breeze and it's from this new series called Briolette.

The Briolette series of pens features a multi-faceted body design. When the cap is on, the flat surfaces are perfectly aligned. You can put it on the table without it rolling off.

Island Breeze features a mix of turquoise, black and gold-like particles in its resin body. It looks really cool and unique. I've not seen many fountain pens that look as flashy as this.

The surface is polished to a gloss and feels nice to hold in hand.

The pen doesn't have a cap and the cap can't be posted behind. To go with the Briolette pens, BENU has also released new pen holders. They are the lumunious and crystalline pen holders. The luminous one glows in the dark.

This is the Schmidt stainless steel nib. Nibs are available in F, M and B. The nib is stiff so there's no flex at all.

The diameter of the grip section is much smaller compared to the body. Holding it still feels quite comfortable though.

The ink convertor is not included and sells for US $5. The pen is priced at US$65. That's quite a good price for a pen with this design.

The nib is smooth and glides around easily. It writes and draws well.

You can turn the nib over and draw with it too. The lines are slightly thinner but not noticeably so. The thinner lines are on the right in the picture above.

When writing on fine grain paper with a bit more texture, the nib is less smooth but that's because of the paper. So on rougher paper, you can feel the paper.


Island Breeze looks good and writes well. With looks like this, the pen is definitely going to draw attention whenever you're using it with people around. I've no doubt this will be a conversation starter.

You can check more details or get one for yourself at the BENU online store.

Do check out the other interesting designs too, and all the BENU pens I've reviewed.

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