Review: Jolly Chameleon (BENU fountain pen)

Jolly Chameleon is the other fountain pen from the Chameleon collection that BENU Pen had sent over for review. The earlier pen I had reviewed was Lovely Chameleon

Chameleon pens feature a three-sided design with eye-catching colour options. Currently, BENU offers 9 colours that you can choose from. Price ranges from US $90 to $120 depending on the colours.

I prefer the design of Jolly Chameleon over Lovely Chameleon because of the extra sparkle.

Depending on the light shone on it, this pen will glitter in different colours. It's a beautiful pen that I think I will never get tired of seeing.

The pen feels quite comfortable to hold. Cap can be posted behind.

The pen and ring are made with resin and polished to a nice gloss.

The nib is a Schmidt stainless steel nib, available in F, M and B.

Ink converter is sold separately and cost $5 which isn't too bad.

Other than the sparkling option, there are also the plain colour mix and the glittering stone version. I'll pick the fancier looking ones any day.

If you're interested to get this pen, or check out other pens, visit

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