Review: Kuxiu X33 Pro and X44 Pro for 2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air

Review samples provided by Kuxiu

Kuxiu has just updated their magnetic stands to support the new 2024 M4 iPad Pros and M2 iPad Air:

I have received the two new desktop stands to review, but not the arm mount.

The X33 Pro Max and X36 Pro Max are compatible with all the iPad Pros and iPad Air from 2018 onwards. The X44 Pro Max is only compatible with the M4 iPad Pro (2024) at the time of review. Make sure you get the correct model that matches your tablet.

In addition to supporting the new tablets, the company has also added wireless charging feature to the stands.

The magnetic stands look beautiful and pairs well with the iPads. Build quality is solid with the full metal build.

Both magnetic stands are foldable. The X44 Pro can also rotate around the base. Not being able to rotate is not a big deal because one can always lift the stand and tablet easily to rotate.

The charging port uses USB-C and one USB-C charging cable is included. Charging is actually through the pogo connectors on the back of the tablet. This means the tablet's USB-C port is free to connect to other accessories or devices. Charging with a power bank is possible.

The back is padded with hard silicone/rubber to prevent scratching the tablet.

The bottom also has huge silicone/rubber padding with good grip on the table.

When tablet is connected to the pogo connectors, the virtual keyboard is disabled. To enable the virtual keyboard, go into Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch, enable AssistiveTouch and Show Onscreen Keyboard. Note that the AssistiveTouch virtual button may sometimes affect certain functions. A default red cursor may appear and to make it less distracting, you can go into Settings -> Accessibility -> Pointer Control, then reduce contrast and change the colour to gray.

A magnetic stand is an incredibly useful accessory. It elevates your tablet to a more ergonomic viewing height and you also get this desktop monitor form factor. Both stands are tall enough to let the tablet rotate to vertical orientation without hitting the corner of the tablet.

The magnets are really strong. You can lift the stand by holding the tablet.

I notice the hinge for the normal folding stand is stiffer, possibly because the hinge is larger.

Drawing on the stands is possible and I would recommend you get the non-rotating stand for such purposes. The rotating stand has loud audible clicks when rotating, but is not free spinning. When you try to draw on the rotating stand, there is a tendency for the stand to rotate which is not what you want.

I've reviewed several Kuxiu tablet stands in the past and they are all really well made. They are pricey but they are also worth the money. Many of the magnetic stands in the market are actually white label products so it's great that Kuxiu actually has their own designs to add more features, e.g. wireless charging, rotating arm mount.

I can recommend these two stands very easily.


You can find these magnetic stands on Kuxiu's online store and the direct links are below:

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