Review: Lovely Chameleon (Benu Fountain Pen)

Thanks again to BENU Pen for providing us with a fountain pen for this review.

Chameleon is a new collection of pens from BENU that features a three-sided designed body with the usual fancy colour options. There are currently nine options to choose from. The one that I have are Lovely Chameleon and Jolly Chameleon. Price ranges from US $90 to $120, not including shipping.

The pen is held in a paper sleeve that's inside a white box cushioned with shredded paper.

Lovely Chameleon's body is red and black. It may not be clear from the photo but the pen is three-sided, so it's not going to roll around when put on the table.

That's the logo at the bottom of the cap. The body and ring are both made of resin.

Notice the "grille" on the cap ring?

The nib is a Schmidt stainless steel nib that's available in F, M and B. The design looks quite nice, simple.

The ink converter is sold separately and cost $5. Definitely get the ink converter because it's more economical in the long run. It also allows you to refill any ink of your choice easily.

The length of the pen when capped is 13.7 cm. The length is just right, neither too long or short.

The pen weighs 19.7g. It's a nice weight and is comfortable to hold. When the cap is posted, the weight still feels quite balanced.

The red and black colours of Lovely Chameleon is not as flashy compared to other options. The pattern looks good and helps it stand out among other pens. Those who prefer flashier designs can check out the more sparkling, glitzy, or glittering options BENU has to offer. If I were to get a pen like this, I would choose one with extra sparkle. Why not go all the way?

The top of the cap and bottom of the body looks similar. The three-sided design tapers off here.


This pen looks good and writes well. If you don't like the red and black combination, check out the more flashy options. I personally like the pens with the tiny sparkling bits.

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