Review: Mix It Up! Mixed Media Step by Step with Lindsay Weirich (Craftsy)

Lindsay Weirich is the popular Youtuber known as The Frugal Crafter. Her Youtube channel currently has over 250,000 subscribers. It's massive!

Craftsy has smartly teamed up with Weirich to put out this tutorial course on mixed media art.

For those who have been on Weirich's Youtube channel, you'll probably know that she puts out a lot of videos relating to mixed media art as well, and some of those videos are also tutorials as well.

So the difference between the Youtube videos and this Craftsy course is, this is designed to be simpler so that beginners can follow along. The course is also much more structured so it's easier to follow through, rather than sifting through all the Youtube videos.

Since this course is on mixed media, you'll need a variety of materials. Many of the tools can probably be found at home, such as sponge, tooth brush, string, while others you may need to buy, for example the hot glue gun (that's if you really want to stick things).

The course is fun. It's about expression and creativity. There's no need to follow exactly to replicate the art. You just have to follow along the process, use different tools so see what they can do, mix and match, and create your own artwork.

I would recommend this course to beginners who want to create their own art but don't want anything too daunting to learn. The techniques taught are simple and easy to follow. After you've finished the course, you can go onto her Youtube channel to get more ideas and inspiration.

Enroll in the course or check out more reviews on Craftsy.

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Disclosure: This course was provided to me by Craftsy for review purposes. You can support Parka Blogs by using the affiliate links as I get a little commission from each sale. :-)

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