Review: Mixed Media Essentials: Color, Design & Texture with Tracy Jacobs (Craftsy)

Mixed Media Essentials: Color, Design & Texture is a fun and accessible tutorial course on Craftsy that's great for anyone who wants to learn more about using mixed media tools and techniques to create art.

Tracy Jacobs is an artist from USA with a love for mixed media art. She is a graduate of Middlebury College in Vermont (BA in Studio Arts) and the University of Maryland, College Park (MFA in Painting). In this 7-lesson Craftsy course, she will guide you along an art project that involves the used of various drawing tools.

This is the drawing that's going to be worked on. You don't really have to be excellent art drawing to enjoy the course because the focus is really on the techniques and not on how accurately you can replicate what you see.

The course starts with pencils and slowly working its way towards using other tools on this drawing. Each tool is explained as to its purpose. The instructions to follow along are clear and concise. Jacobs is a friendly teacher and always encouraging.

There will be close ups so that you can see the techniques clearly, and overview so that you can see the work in progress.

This is the same drawing now painted over with acrylic.

There's also the use of coloured pencils.

It goes without saying that you should have all the tools and materials in order to follow along. All the items are included in the class materials. The course covers pen and ink as well. There's no watercolour.

Overall, it's a fun and casual course for beginners. It's easy to follow along with the lessons, and the results of mixed media look great.

Mixed Media Essentials: Color, Design & Texture is available for sale on Craftsy. You can check out more reviews there, as well as the description of all the lessons.

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