Review: Scepter VII fountain pen from BENU

Big thanks again to BENU Pen for sending over another shiny sparkling fountain pen for review.

This is the Scepter VII from the Scepter series of fountain pens from BENU, a company based in Russia. Roman numerals are used to name the different colours, and at the time of this review, there are eight designs available.

Official price of the Scepters is US $88, not inclusive of shipping. Ink cartridge is included but an ink converter cost US $5 (definitely worth getting).

This pen weighs 24g and is 13.3cm in length when capped. It has a nice weight and feels good to hold.

The design is multi-faceted, and encased within are shiny physical bits that give the pen the sparkling and volumetric look.

The cap cannot be posted.

Because of how the physical pieces, each pen is going to look unique even if pens are of the same colour.

When writing with this pen, people are not going to pay attention to what's on the paper because they will be drawn to the pen. It's a flashy and attention grabbing pen.

The pen design is also spiral and each surface is continuous from end to end. The BENU logo is located at the bottom of the cap.

The nib is available in EF, F, M and B.

Design of the size #5 Schmidt Iridium Nib looks simple and nice. It's a stainless steel nib so there's no flex. Line widths will always be consistent.

The pen can be dismantled completely easily for a thorough cleaning.

I do recommend buying the ink converter because it's more economic in the long run. The ink converter has a huge capacity so it does not need to be refilled often.

Writing and drawing performance of the nib is good.

The body of the pen is quite thick and grip section is smaller. It's a comfortable pen to hold but it will take some time to adjust to the difference in diameter between the body and grip.

The nib is smooth on paper and ink flow is good.

Main selling point of this pen is definitely the design. It's a beautiful design that's bold and flashy. There aren't many fountain pens out in the market that sparkles as much as this. Just be aware that this pen will draw attention wherever and whenever you use it in front of people.

Whether it's worth the price will depend on what you value. US $88 is actually not very expensive for a mid-range fountain pen.

You can find Scepter VII and more information on BENU's website at

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